I’m very excited and proud  to announce the launching of our new partner and “sister” site – WP Subs!

WP Subs

WP Subs was created in response to the need for an affordable “out of the box” small business website and marketing package.

Our small business Subscription Packages include:

  • A premium, Responsive, WordPress WebsiteWP Subs Logo
  • High speed, secure hosting from WP Engine
  • Basic On-Page SEO from Echelon SEO
  • Basic Local Search Optimization from Echelon SEO
  • 24/7 access to an SEO and Analytics dashboard
  • Limited monthly website support and management
  • A free website redesign every 3 years
  • No long-term contracts
  • Fanatical Customer Service

What Makes WP Subs Different?

Unlike the traditional web design and marketing model, we work long-term with our clients, tying their customer satisfaction and long-term success to our success.

Affiliate Program

WP Subs is currently setting up an affiliate program. Our goal is to partner with other marketing, web design, and SEO companies. Please let us know if you’d like to be notified once it is ready.



MergeMany business owners, myself included, created a Google+ Business/Brand page, worked to brand it, develop connections, and publish content from it, only to discover that Google had auto-generated a Google+ Local Page – and a lot of confusion – from our”local” data.

If, through optimism, indecision, or sheer stubbornness (I believe it was a little of all 3 in my case) you’re still managing your original G+ Business Page, Google has finally presented a solution.

Yesterday (June 3, 2014), Google announced a way for a businesses to transfer their “local” information from a verified Local Page to an existing Business Page.

To Connect Your G+ Business Page to Your Google Maps Listing

1. Log into Google+, select “Pages” from the sidebar navigation, and click “Manage this Page” on the Local Page.

G+ Local Page

G+ Local Page (Maps)

G+ Business Page

G+ Business/Brand Page









2. Hover over “Dashboard” on the top left-hand side of the page, then scroll down to “Settings”.

3. Scroll down until you see the “Profile” heading, and click the “Connect a different page” box.

Connect to different page4. Choose the Business Page you want to connect.

Select page

5. Click “Confirm”

Your updated Business Page should now display your local verification badge, all reviews, followers, posts, and managers from your Local Page (reviews may take a few hours to populate).

Your former Local Page will be renamed “Backup of (Page)” and will remain visible on Google+.

Multiple Locations

Unfortunately, at this time you can only connect each Business Page to one Local Page. If you business has multiple locations, you either have to consider creating a Business Page for each, or only connect the one page for now and wait for more changes (I think that Google will eventually make this addition).

Thanks for reading. As always, you comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated.

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Attention Subscribers: New Blog RSS Feed

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I am in the process of changing my blog’s RSS feed to Feedblitz. If you currently subscribe and would like to continue receiving new posts via RSS, OR through email, please change your feed to: https://feeds.feedblitz.com/echelonseo OR, Visit my blog later today and re-subscribe. Thanks for reading! I apologize for any inconvenience this transition may [...]

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