2012 Marketing eBook Contest

by Brent Carnduff

5 Reasons Every Small Business in the World Should Write an eBook

That’s right, you should have an eBook. And no, you’re not the exception. What, did you say you were an auto mechanic? Yes, your company needs an eBook. I’m sorry, did you say you were a roofer? Yep, you too, you need an eBook. So you’re a professional lion trainer…..Wow, you really need an eBook.

~ Marcus Sheridan, December 29, 2012

writing an ebookHave you authored a marketing eBook? Maybe you’ve downloaded an eBook that changed the way that you do business?

Now is the time to recognize your favorite marketing eBooks! Nominate them for the 2012 Marketing eBook Contest.

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Contest Rules:

1. Subject area of the book must be marketing: Social Media, Blogging, SEO, SEM, Video, How to Write an eBook, etc.

2. eBook must be available as a FREE download.

3. Entry deadline is December 31st, 2012 January 20th, 2013

4. Winners will be announce February, 2013.

Contest Procedures:

  • Nominating an eBook: Nominate an eBook by listing it and its URL or website in the comment section for this blog, or by filling out the entry form below. Each nomination will also be counted as a vote for that eBook.
  • Nomination Deadline: December 31st, 2012 January 20th, 2013
  • The list of contest finalists will be made available and can be voted on for the month of January, 2013. Voting will account for 40% of the book’s final score.
  • Each judge will contribute 20% to the final score of each eBook.
  • Winners will be announced in early February, 2013, and will be notified by email. The winning eBook authors will receive a badge for their website/blog. The eBooks will be listed on our website, will be broadcast through social media channels and our blog, and will appear in a Press Release.

Meet our Judges

I’m super excited to introduce our judges!

Gini DietrichGini Dietrich – The founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communication firm. She also is the founder and author of the SpinSucks blog, a nationally recognized speaker, and co-author of Marketing In the Round.



Craig McBreenCraig McBreen – founder of McBreen Design, a Seattle based marketing and design company. He is also the author of the Craig McBreen blog,  and The Art of Breaking Out: My NOW Manifesto.



Marcus Sheridan aka: The Sales Lion: Marcus is the founder of The Sales Lion, is a well known national speaker, and the author of The Sales Lion blog, Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy eBook, and the Mad Marketing Podcast.



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Brent Carnduff is a search engine optimization (SEO) expert. He works with Financial Advisors, and small business owners across the country to help them develop a stronger online presence, increase their web traffic, and to capture more leads. In addition to this blog, he is a regular contributor to Steamfeed, is syndicated through Social Media Today and B2C, and has written for Search Engine Journal, Spinsucks, and other marketing blogs.

Fun contest, Brent! So... can I nominate an ebook if it was written by one of the judges?? :-)

Brent@Echelonseo.com moderator

 @KristaKotrla ; ) I guess you could nominate whomever you want . . . but unfortunately, the  judges aren't able to win. But feel free to nominate any other marketing eBook!


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