Finding Your Blogging Voice

by Brent Carnduff

Finding your blogging voiceWow . . . a blank page,

. . . a clean slate,

. . .a fresh start . . .

. . .how many times in life do you get a second chance at a first page?

This is going to big – huge even. A chance to take my experiences from the last two years and apply them to a new blog! An opportunity to emulate all of the great bloggers that I enjoy reading, to  finally lose my “teacher” voice – the all important “fresh start”.

But how do I want to sound – what is MY voice?

Is it the passion of Marcus Sheridan – the Sales Lion? Maybe the openness and sincerity of Craig McBreen? Ryan Hanley’s determination, or John Falchetto’s calming, Zen-like quality. I love the humor and conversational environment that Gini Dietrich’s created at SpinSucks . . .hmm. . . that would be good. I’ve just recently starting following Ana Hoffman over at the Traffic Generation Cafe – I really enjoy her honest, straight forward approach to writing and educating. So many styles to choose from!

This is going to be great!

Maybe I’ll check out their latest blogs – see if anything resonates?

Let’s see . . . what’s Marcus got going on over at The Sales Lion . . . “Why Blogger Worship is a Really Dumb Thing to Do” . . . hmm . . . no – nothing helpful there.

What about Craig – he’s always inspiring! “The Key to Online Success? YOU“. Oh – this sounds good!

“. . .Many in the online space get hung up on “process” and emulating others, ignoring their own gifts . . .”

. . .blah, blah, blah. Wow – must be a pretty slow week in the blogosphere.

Okay . . . moving on . . . what’s happening over at SpinSucks? “Dog Shaming and Sexy Guy on Rollerblades“.  Ahh . . . what? Yeah . . . not really my style . . . but it looks good on you Gini!

Not out of options yet – checking out Ana Hoffman at the Traffic Generation Cafe next. “Conduct Unbecoming a Dull Writer“. Okay – now we’re getting somewhere!

” If you write, write, write, and no one is reading, what do you think the problem might be?

Time to take a closer look at your writing?

You bet.”

Wait. . . I don’t really see where she’s going with this . . . ?

Well, this may not be as easy as I thought.  None of these voices seem quite right after all. . .

I’ve got to admit, this is a new experience for me. I mean, as a teacher, my clear, patient, supportive, instructor voice was easy to find.  My demanding, inspirational, leader voice was second nature while coaching high school basketball. Fatherhood’s brought out the best in my positive, sincere, and caring voice. But where do I go to find my blogging voice? It’s got to be around here somewhere . . . ; )


Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear from you. What is your blogging voice – have you found it yet? What kind of bloggers do you enjoy following? Any you’d recommend or share here?

Please check back again soon. In the meantime, if you know of any bloggers searching for their voice, feel free to share this with them. And,  if you happen to find my voice out there anywhere, you know where to find me.  : )


photo credit: Marc Wathieu via photo pin cc

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Brent Carnduff is a search engine optimization (SEO) expert. He works with Financial Advisors, and small business owners across the country to help them develop a stronger online presence, increase their web traffic, and to capture more leads. In addition to this blog, he is a regular contributor to Steamfeed, is syndicated through Social Media Today and B2C, and has written for Search Engine Journal, Spinsucks, and other marketing blogs.
Sarah Santacroce
Sarah Santacroce

Hi Brent, I follow most people you mentioned and enjoy reading them, especially Marcus Sheridan & Ana Hoffman. I also enjoy Lynn Terri from and find that Derek Halpern from has found his voice. Definitely not one that would fit me though ;-) I think I've found mine ;-) moderator

 @Sarah Santacroce Great to meet you Sarah! Thanks for sharing the names of some other bloggers. I do read Derek's writing from time to time, and although he is very insightful, I don't think that his voice would really suit me either : ) I will definitely check out Lynn Terri!


I just finished reading The Night Circus and, while I read, I found myself saying more than once, "Man. I wish I could write like this." But then I realized, I probably CAN write like she does, but it's not me. I would have to work really hard at it and it wouldn't come naturally.


The same goes for blogging. It's nice to have bloggers you look up to, but the writing voice can only come from you. And the only way you'll figure out what it is? Write. Consistently. moderator

 @ginidietrich Thanks Gini - very good to "see" you. My "secret" dream is to some day write/publish fiction, and that is what the writing books say too - the only way to get better is to continue to write. And I love Gin and Topics btw!

ginidietrich You want to join National Novel Writing Month in November with a bunch of us?? moderator

 @ginidietrich Wow Gini that sounds . . . scary . . . fun . . . crazy? My first reaction would be that I don't have time, but if you have time, I have to be able work it out right. Yes - I would love to it - thanks for inviting me! Have you ever done it before?

Craig McBreen
Craig McBreen



I enjoy everyone mentioned here (I'm a fan of each too), so thanks for including me.


I agree with Ryan. You have your voice, it's just a matter of being comfortable exposing it on the social web. Why not bring of some of Brent the basketball coach or Brent the inspirational leader … we always need that kind of person!


Just keep cranking away, Sir! Love your tagline. moderator

 @Craig McBreen Hey Craig - really appreciate you stopping by and taking time to comment. My minimalist design was inspired by your blog design - hope you don't mind - I try to only steal from the best! ; )

geoffliving 1 Like

All great examples. Of course I am partial to my pen pal, Gini,  but I think Marcus is right you'll find your voice. I also think as someone who has done well and also struggled over seven years of blogging, it's a sometimes a question of experimentation... evolving with the changing blogging times. What I did in 2006 and 7 wouldn't cut it today. At all. moderator 1 Like

 @geoffliving Thanks for visiting Geoff - great to see you! Gini & Lisa,  are great! They've built an amazing community over at SpinSucks - a wonderful example for other bloggers. Interesting to hear the perspective of someone that has done this for a while. I've enjoyed following your recent blogs through our Triberr tribe!

Ryan Hanley
Ryan Hanley



I think you've found your voice, witty, smart, honest, but the best thing about blogging is tomorrow you can post a new post and try something else... Or drill down farther on this one or maybe try video or audio or come up with list or a review and tell a story or a joke and get nitty gritty on something that really burns you or something that excites you.


Worrying about finding your voice is pointless.  You already have a voice.  The tick is using it.


All the best and thanks for love... 


Hanley moderator

 @Ryan Hanley Thanks Ryan - appreciate the kind words and good advice. And your welcome - much deserved. Keep up the great work!


This is something great! Having a fresh start with your new blog. I have check out all these links to those inspired you. Sometimes its a good idea for everyone (including me) to reevaluate the content.  @Brent moderator

 @AnnettaPowell  @Brent Hi Annetta - great to a Triberr buddy visit - thanks! I am very excited about the idea of a new blog! Definitely nice to find new bloggers to follow - the ones mentioned above are all great - there are many others too. Are there bloggers that you would recommend following?

Marcus_Sheridan 1 Like

Thrilled for you Brent. You'll find your voice again and again with each new article and new phase of your business and life--that much I'm sure of :-)



Ana | Traffic Generation
Ana | Traffic Generation 1 Like

It certainly kept me reading, Brent - great start for a first blog post! moderator

 @Ana | Traffic Generation Thanks for reading Ana - really appreciate it! There's got to be some prize (or maybe infamy!?) related to being my first commenter doesn't there. Maybe karma will reward you? Certainly means a lot to me - thank you!


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